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Preventative & Diagnostic Care

We can be the best friend or greatest enemy of our teeth.  Taking care of our teeth is one of the easiest and best things we can do to maintain our overall health, not to mention a great smile!

Dr. Stirneman and his hygienists, Lee and Cathy, enjoy helping all patients understand the importance of preventative care through regular dental visits, which include teaching you the best brushing and flossing methods, removing any plaque and tartar build-up, applying fluoride to prevent future decay, and discussing the best diet and oral hygiene products to maintain your smile.

Your visit also provides additional benefits that are very important.  Once a year, or upon need, dental radiographs, or x-rays, are taken.  These x-rays are essential to your oral health as they are the only way to reveal certain hidden decay and bone loss, among other conditions.  Dr. Stirneman will also perform an oral cancer screening and a gum evaluation to reveal any cancerous growths or periodontal disease.  Of course, a thorough visual and manual exam is also included to check the current state of any existing fillings, crowns or other dental restorations as well as to check for any other changes. 

Maintaining your teeth and gums isn't just about preventing cavities or bad breath. The health of the mouth is a gateway into that person’s overall health. Evidence shows that gum disease and other health problems may be linked, and therefore, brushing, flossing and regular check-ups are of the utmost importance.  The effects of poor dental care range from tooth decay and cavities to gingivitis, periodontal disease, and tooth loss. However, the good news is that proper dental care, including cleaning teeth correctly and regularly, can prevent most dental disease.  

Please feel free to call our office if you have any questions about scheduling your next dental cleaning and examination!  

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