Bellaire Family Dentistry

Implant Restorations & All on Four

Dr. Stirneman is available to restore our patients' implants.  When a patient loses a tooth and chooses to replace it with an implant, the implant needs to be covered with a crown.  After the implant has been placed and given ample time to integrate with the bone in the jaw, restoring the implant with a crown is the next step.   

Dr. Stirneman is also well versed in working with oral surgeons on a procedure known as All on Four.  This procedure consists of removing all remaining natural teeth and replacing them with four or more dental implants. In this procedure, all of the remaining natural teeth are removed and replaced with four or more dental implants.  The implants act as a natural tooth root to which a fixed denture is attached, which will appear and function as completely natural teeth, that can never get a cavity.   


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