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Night Guards

Dr. Stirneman and his staff can create custom Night Guards for people who are showing signs of teeth grinding and wear. Night Guards are molded to fit either your upper or lower teeth, so that they are fit just for you and are comfortable to wear. After receiving your Night Guard, you can wear it while you sleep to help prevent the damage caused by grinding. Night Guards are comfortable, soft, and very light, so you will barely notice it's there!

It's important to discuss the possibility of night-time teeth grinding with your dental team. Most of the time, those of us who grind our teeth at night don't even know it! Unfortunately, over time the grinding can lead to abstractions in our teeth, and eventually can even lead to exposed roots.

Call us today to set up an appointment. We can create your Night Guard mold and have it to you in a few days after that to prevent any future damage to your beautiful teeth!

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